I had never really thought about the fundamentals of graphic design and the strategies companies/designers use to make them more appealing to the eye. Visual elements are just as important as text and allows us to conceptualize that text in many kinds of technical writing. Using creativity to make a “neat” aesthetic that considers contrast, colors, and spacing and allows the design to be cohesive and pleasing to look at. Since social media is so prevalent in creating our “brand” these days, I think graphic design piqued my interest because I think it is unique to see other people’s styles come into play with their graphics on various social media platforms. I believe graphic design is a technological art form but can be involved in business, science, and pretty much anywhere we see advertisements, so its prevalence is in every aspect of the world today. I believe that the IFixit Project calls for lots of creativity and some amount of graphic design in creating instruction pages, so I’m excited to pursue this topic further. 

I was curious to see what kind of graphic design classes were offered and discovered that the program was new to the University as of this fall. I looked at the curriculum and different careers one can pursue with a degree in graphic design. The coursework involves various art courses and different kinds of publication and branding, but I would definitely have to talk to someone in that field as it is out of my expertise. 

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