iFixit Project

The iFixit project has been a productive and enjoyable group effort- being paired up with strangers can produce some level of uncertainty for how the project will go, but I believe this has been a successful teamwork effort and am confident our project will up to iFixit’s standards.

I would say our iFixit project is going very well- our team is collaborating greatly, and things are running a lot smoother than I thought they would. I say that because I expected this project to have a lot of miniscule details that would be easy to miss, but the instructions are pretty clear-cut with easy enough tasks to distribute between four people. Everyone on our team shares the same goals, and it has allowed us to finish our proposal and first milestone quickly and efficiently. The feedback from iFixit has thus been encouraging- I think our team is adept to following instructions as our only revisions were minor, technical issues. 

Tying in what we’ve learned from the semester has definitely been helpful in writing our instructions for this project and has allowed me to keep the audience in mind. The audience profile sheet and primary research project were both good exercises that sharpened my skills in researching a non-science topic and being able to convey it to the proper audience. 

For our future milestones, I do wonder if the tasks will become more difficult as the project progresses into making the instructions for dismantling our computer. I’m imagining the replacement guide will be the longest of our tasks as well since we have to include step-by-step instructions for parts I am unfamiliar with.

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